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Book Reviews


Cover of The Vanderbeeker

The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden 

By Karina Yan Glaser
3.5/5 stars 

Reviewed By Xeno
Grade 7 Student

The book is pretty good. It's funny and pretty heartwarming towards the end. I would definitely recommend this, if you're a fan of family comedy books that take place in present time, or if you read The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street and really want more of Oliver, Jesse, Hyacinth and Laney.



By Jennifer A. Nielsen
5/5 stars

Reviewed by Landon
Grade 7 Student

I would recommend Resistance since it was action packed and the book is well written by a great author.


24 Hours in Nowhere

By Dusti Bowling
5/5 stars

Reviewed by Lillian
Grade 7 Student

I really liked this book, 24 Hours in Nowhere. I found it really interesting because the main character and other characters go to a dangerous mine to find gold so they can trade for a motorcycle and I found that quite interesting


The Crossroads

By Alexandra Diez
5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Paola
Grade 7 Student

The Crossroads became one of my favorite books because Alexandra Diaz explained how it feels to be an immigrant starting a new life in a new country. The book can help people learn about the perspectives of immigrants and how it feels to leave your country behind. I liked Jaime Riveras, the main character.  The story line can be sad, but it does show people what some people had to go through to be here right now.

Valkyire cover


By Kate O'Hearn
4.8/5 stars 

Reviewed By Shay
Grade 7 Student

I would recommend Valkryie to anybody who likes fantasy, especially if they like Norse mythology. I really like it, it was pretty interesting.

Watermelon cover

Where the Watermelons Grow

By Cindy Baldwin
4/5 stars

Reviewed by Anonymous
I really liked Where the Watermelons Grow. There aren't many books that cover mental illness and this one did it amazingly well. They didn't make it depressing but also didn't try to make it seem like a small deal. They did all this with beautiful writing and storytelling.

February AMS Book Reviews

The Ghoul Next Door Book Cover

The Ghoul Next Door 

By Cullen Bunn and Cat Farris
3.5/5 stars 

Reviewed By Noam
The book is good, I liked reading it, but I can not deny that there are better books in the AMS library.

Can You See Me? Book Cover

Can You See Me? 

By Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott
5/5 stars

Reviewed by Tayna
Grade 8 student

In my opinion, this book was really interesting and educational. This book is about a girl that is going into her first year of middle school, and she has autism. Autism is a spectrum disorder and people have a different way of reacting to things. This book goes through the ups and downs of the girl's life as she's trying to control her mood swings in middle school where people can be harsh.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians - The Sea of Monsters Book Cover

Percy Jackson and The Olympians:
The Sea of Monsters  

By Rick Riordan
4.5/5 stars

Review by Natalie
Grade 7 student 

My opinion is I like it and if you're a fan of Percy Jackson you should definitely read it. If you haven't read the first one you should read that first.

Chief Honor Book Cover

Chief Honor

By Sigmund Brouwer
5/5 stars

Reviewed By Brooklyn
Grade 7 student

It was a really good book and I was very interested in it, since I love hockey.

Don't Want to Be Your Monster

 Don't Want to Be Your Monster

By Deke Moulton
5/5 stars

Reviewed By Hallel
Grade 6 student

I really liked it. It gives a brand new, unique take  on vampires. In my opinion, many young adult books don’t have the best writing, and this was a breath of fresh air.

Okay For Now Book Cover

Okay for Now

By Gary D.Schmidt
5/5 stars

Reviewed by Leonardo H.
I thought it was very familiar for someone with many difficulties and many hardships in one's day to day experience.

Never After Book Cover

Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy

By  Melissa De La Cruz
5/5 stars

Reviewed by Roxie
 Grade 6 student

It was fun and different. I loved it so much I read the whole series!

Echo Mountain Book Cover

Echo Mountain

By Lauren Wolk
4.8/5 stars

Reviewed by Evie
Grade 7 student

I think that it was a really interesting book. I love the setting, and the characters are really developed. It has an intriguing plot and the author writes in a very descriptive way.

Fake Blood book cover

Fake Blood

By Whitney Gardner
4/5 stars

Reviewed by Andrew
Grade 6 student

The book was really good!

January AMS Book Reviews

The Serpent's Secret cover

The Serpent’s Secret

By Sayantani Dasgupta
4.5/5 stars

Review by  Parker P.  
Grade 7

I thought it was fun to read. I enjoyed reading about the mythology and fantasy included in the book. The book had a lot of action, and I always wondered what would happen next!

Sunny Rolls the Dice cover

Sunny Rolls the Dice

By Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm
5/5 stars

Review by  Alaina B.  
Grade  8

It is a really good book and it's interesting!

Pele The King of Soccer Cover

Pele: The king of Soccer

By Eddy Simon
4/5 stars

Anonymous Review
If your Brazilian you're gonna like to read about Pele. If you're into soccer too. I have loved soccer and Pele was, and still is, a big person and very famous in Brazil. He died in October of 2022. It was very sad but we knew he was gonna die soon because he was very sick.

The Land of Stories Cover

Land of Stories

By Chris Colfer
5/5 stars

Review by Amalia  
 Grade 7 student

It was amazing. I would read it a thousand times and would never get tired of it.

Double Dutch Cover

Double Dutch

By Sharon M. Draper
4/5 stars

Review by Lily C.
Grade 6 student

I enjoyed the book. It was fast paced, and I thought it was clever the way the author put it into two perspectives.


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