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Welcome to andrews middle School! 

Welcome to the Andrews Middle School. Our mission here is to provide a supportive and welcoming learning environment. As we venture together into this time of uncertainty we must all keep in mind that, “We are in this together.” As I have stated before we are in the same storm, but different boats and as part of Mustang nation we need to be caring and supportive of each other.

For those of you who are new to the school or returning I want to introduce or reintroduce myself. I am a proud parent of a HVAC tradesperson and a college senior. So I have been through this stage myself and understand its challenges. This is my 22nd  year as an administrator and my 4th year as the principal at the Andrews Middle School. I have a Bachelors in Social Studies Education, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and a Certificate of Graduate Studies in Educational Administration. I am also a retired prior-enlisted Captain of the United States Air Force having served faithfully and honorably for over 20 years. My educational philosophy is very simple and it is, “Do what’s best for kids.” Every decision no matter how easy or difficult centers around that philosophy.

Our school is named after Madeleine Dugger Andrews. She was born on December 13th, 1922 to Lieutenant Colonel Edward Dugger and Mrs. Madeline Dugger Kelley of West Medford, Madeleine She was a lifelong teacher and in 1963, she ran for Medford’s School Committee. Although no African American woman had ever successfully run for such a position, either in Medford or in the state as a whole, Madeleine ran and won the election. She did a great job on the school Committee and the Madeleine Dugger Andrews Middle School for grades 6-8 was constructed in 2000, in her honor, 14 years after her passing.

We currently have about 460 students here, with 70 dedicated staff members that includes teachers, service providers, paraprofessionals and nurses. We have hardworking custodial staff that keeps our school looking great. We service a wide range of students and do our best to meet the needs of all our students.

I look forward to this new school year and working with you. We are all part of Mustang Nation and together we will make it through this.


Mike Downs


Principal Michael Downs

Michael Downs

Phone Number: 781-393-2228 & 7701

Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Farrah Lalli

Farah Lalli

Phone Number: 781-393-7118